? Efficient, cost competitive & high quality home appliances by advanced production plant

? Strong support from R&D and Engineering teams to optimize product output

? In-house mould-making facilities to enable innovative product development

? Manufacturing location in Lilin,
Zhongkai Hi-Tech Industrial
Development Zone, Huizhou City,
Guangdong, PRC

? 60,000 sq. m. vertically-integrated production facility

? Extensive range of machines including 2K co-injection, electric and hydraulic moulding

? Various auxiliary equipment such as 6-axis robotic arm, laser welding, laser engraving, argon welding, non-stick coating

? ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification

? Fully RoHS compliant manufacturing for products bearing CE marking

? 6-sigma and SPC implementation

? In-house life-testing facilities

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