Chairman's Statement

Looking back over the past 50 years, Allan has grown from a small factory with very limited resources and facilities, to a reputable manufacturer with a wide range of high quality electrical household appliances. Our products are on the shelves of stores all over Europe, North & South America and Asia, carrying famous brand names such as Bosch, Braun, Breville, Conair, Cuisinart, Kenwood, KitchenAid, Philips, Rowenta, SEB, Tefal and Tescom.

Our operations include research and development, product design, electronics and MCU developments, tool-making for plastic, plastic injection moulding and semi-automated assembly lines. Our aim is to satisfy our customers' needs and requirements in quality, pricing, and on-time delivery. Our vertically-integrated operations allow full control over the safety and quality of our products.

In 1987, Allan started manufacturing in southern China. With the increase in manufacturing capability, we have been able to meet the rapidly expanding production demands of our customers. Over the years, Allan has progressively grown and now employs over 3000 workers and is capable of producing over 10 million appliances annually. With our expertise in R&D, Engineering, and Manufacturing, we are able to provide total solutions to our customers in a class-competitive time frame.

Our success has been achieved by the dedication and drive of the Group's management team and all our employees. However, it has always been our aim to never be complacent, and to perpetually strive for improvement. Everyday we strive to exceed the standards of excellence we have established over the past five decades, and to improve all aspects of our work as we move ahead into the 21st century.


Cheung Lai Chun, Maggie

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